Thursday, January 29, 2009

I Just Don't Understand

I'm sure that I'm not unlike many people trying to figure out what is going on in the halls of our Government. My understanding of the way our Government was set up was to have average Americans go to our Nation/or State Capitols to "do the people's business". I was under the impression that according to our founding documents (Declaration of Independence/Constitution/Bill of Rights) that all Men were created equal and that we all had the God Given rights of at least Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness (the latter was changed from "property" to the pursuit of happiness based on the consideration that at the time, slaves were considered property and the founding fathers didn't want it to be said that they all supported slavery).

If this is so, it seems to me that there shouldn't be double standards between "the People" and elected officials. Why is it then that so many of the elected officials break the law (and claim ignorance even though ignorance of the law is no excuse for the common man). I understand that many people do make innocent mistakes and that there should be mercy, but don't understand why government officials get away with so much, especially if "their party" is in control of their particular governing body. Why is it that Republicans and Democrats alike will turn a blind eye or ignore issues when their members are just plain wrong...and that if the average citizen made the same "mistake" that there would be severe penalties.

When will the parties "clean themselves up" so that we, the people, will respect them. Personally, I find "situational ethics" contemptible. As it has been said, that many times even the appearance of impropriety is enough to damage a person's reputation...and when that happens, are they still effective leaders? I agree that "appearance" is not the same a guilt and that it's not fair to punish an innocent person, and that in fact, there should be reprocussions for the people "slinging the mud" that are creating the "much to do about nothing". But the bottom line is that we have way to many "tainted" people creating laws that we, the common people have to follow but that for some reason the law makers don't. It's wrong and those that break the law should be prosecuted and at the very least "fall on their sword" and step down from the leadership positions that they have.

Just a few of the people that seem to be guilty of these things:

Ted Stevens of Alaska. Thank goodness that he was found out and convicted of what amounts to accepting bribes. At least he was found guilty and lost his re-election bid. But, why, since he knew he was wrong, would he even run for re-election? Did he really care about what was right or did he care about what was best for himself? Read about this on the Huffington Post (I never thought I'd say that!):

Rep. Charles Rangel of New York. Failure to pay taxes "because he didn't know" (and he helps to create tax policy...if he doesn't know, how are we supposed to know and doesn't that mean that the tax code needs simplifying). Read about him and his issues in the L.A. Times...not exactly a conservative paper.,0,2633119.story

Rep. William J. Jefferson (D-La.) is another good one. Taking bribes and storing the money in a freezer. He knew he did it...he was a crook and yet he still ran for re-election and thank goodness, he lost! But, was he condemed by his party? Read more about him at the Washington Post (certainly not a conservative paper):

Well, more to follow since I need to go to work and earn a honest living.