Monday, February 2, 2015

Lets us design a custom awards around your logo, not the other way around!

All American Awards in the Charleston, SC area is your source for original custom awards.  Using the latest technology, we can design your award around your logo!  Check our our new video on custom acrylic awards.  I'd love to hear your opinion of this video.  We're trying to offer thought provoking, informational and entertaining ways to share what we can do for you!

Monday, January 26, 2015

All American Awards and their Creative Custom Acrylic Awards

About 25 years ago, laser engravers hit the scene in the awards and recognition industry.  Shortly after that, acrylic awards were developed.  At first, the acrylic awards were very plain and somewhat unimaginative as they were pretty much just square, rectangular or round in shape.  Understand, that those acrylic awards were "cutting edge" at the time.  Then as the finishing process was improved, stars, teardrop and other shapes were added.

At that time, about the only way to decorate (add text and/or logos) the acrylic awards was to use a laser engraver that gave the engraving a frosted look.  As technology progressed, acrylic award options grew tremendously.  With the advent of CNC machines and more powerful lasers, very intricate shapes became possible.  Acrylic awards shaped like a logo were possible so that creators weren't limited to just engraving the image of a logo on a standard rectangular shape.  Mixed media components using acrylic, glass, marble, wood, resin, granite, brass and aluminum added yet more possibilities when designing custom acrylic awards.  With development of direct to substraight printing, color filled laser engraving and even color transfer technology, it became easier than ever to develop distinctive custom acrylic awards.

Just as acrylic awards have improved over time, so has All American Awards in the Charleston, SC area,  With our modern equipment and our imagination, we're able to help you develop the signature award that you'd like for your company or organization.  When it's time to talk to someone about your awards ideas and needs, please visit our showroom in Mt.Pleasant, or visit our website at and let us help you design awards that will make you proud.

Donor Recognition Walls from All American Awards in Charleston, SC are a great way to finance your Major Capital Projects

How many times have you walked into a hospital or university and saw a whole wall dedicated to recognizing the donors who financed a major building project?  Have you ever seen acrylic "trees" with engraved plates mounted on a church wall that recognized families who contributed to a project "in honor of" or "in memory of" family members?  Well, when you need Donor Recognition Trees, Donor Recognition Plaques, or Donor Recognition Walls, All American Awards in Charleston, SC is your source for these products.  Let our knowledgeable staff help you design just the right recognition product.  Our website is