Friday, September 19, 2014

Sales Person of the Month Awards, we've got a few considerations before you get started.

One of the most cost effective ways to motivate your sales force is a Salesperson of the Month program.  It's assumed that the largest motivating factor in driving a sales force is the increased pay that generally happens with increased sales.  We'd like to submit the idea that the competitive nature of sales people is just as much a motivation as extra pay.  We believe that recognition of a "winner" for the month will motivate your sales people, and that the recognition products may in fact cost less than the extra pay.  Even when using Crystal Awards, Acrylic Awards and Art Glass, the return on the investment is great.

The best Salesperson of the Month Awards include three components:

Public Recognition - The recognition of the Saleperson of the month should happen in a group setting if possible so that everyone in the company and sales force knows who the Top Salesperson is.  Then, there should be a Perpetual Plaque in a public area that will exhibit the names of the monthly winners.

Personal Recognition - The winner should be given an award that will be easily displayed so that the Saleperson of the Month will have the opportunity to see the award regulalry.  Every time the Salesperson sees the award, they'll be reminded of how the recognition felt.  They'll want a repeat of that feeling.

Significant Other Support - It's often a great idea to award a gift (besides cash) that can be shared with the significant other of the Salesperson of the Month.  Simple things like movie tickets, dinners or even weekends away (depending on your budget) can help create an atmosphere of support from the significant other. 

When it's time for you to set up an Salesperson of the Month award, please visit our showroom in Mount Pleasant, SC (just outside of Charleston, SC) so we can help you design the best possible program for your business.  If you aren't local to the Charleston, SC area, please visit our website at and give us a call!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

There are so many ways to Engrave Crystal Awards, Acrylic Awards and Glass Awards at All American Awards in the Charleston, SC area.

There are so many different products that we can provide at All American Awards, Inc. because of the technology that is available to Trophy Shops today.  Right now we offer laser engraving, computer engraving, vinyl lettering, sandcarving, dye sublimation, full color transfer and lamination.  When I first started in the industry (30 years ago), a shop was ahead of the the curve if they had an "Imperial" machine that would imprint plates by a heavy duty typewriter type machine. My how times have changed!  I'm now looking at a direct to substraight printer (3 years ago the cheapest one you could get was about $200,000.  3D printers may follow before too much longer.

Here are a couple of videos showing but a few items that we carry at All American Awards, Inc.  Our website is www.awardsguy.comAll American Awards, Inc. product videos

Trophy Shop Charleston SC | (843) 884-7808

Friday, September 5, 2014

Out of the Ordinary Achievement Awards - not just soccer trophies or crystal awards!

Everyone knows about the soccer trophies, baseball trophies, basketball trophies and even lacross trophies...but how many people know that there is a sculpture trophy of "reinventing the wheel"?  Did you know that there was a trophy to honor those who "build a better mousetrap" of the "bright idea"? If you're looking for a trophy that is out of the ordinary and isn't a crystal award, glass award or some type of plaque, come see out showroom in the Mt. Pleasant, right outside of Charleston, SC.">

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Awards You Give Are a Reflection of Your Organization

When presenting an award, keep in mind that the award you give is a representation of your organization,  Since your logo is probably on the award, you will forever be associated with that award.  If the award is related to an event, the award will also be advertising for your event.  Many times, participation in an event is dictated by the awards presented (car shows, 5K, karate tournaments, etc.).

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Our Fantasy Football Trophy video at

We're always trying to educate and entertain our customers.  We're pretty proud of this video which captures the spirit of our Fantasy Football customers.  What do you think?