Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Acrylic Awards in Charleston sure have changed over the years! All American Awards is not just another Trophy Store.

About 25 years ago, the laser engraver was introduced to the awards industry.  Right after that, the acrylic award was born.  Initially, the shapes available were square, rectangular, and maybe round. Back then, that was "cutting edge" stuff.  The laser engraver made it possible to easily personalize the acrylic award, leaving an attractive frosted look to the text and logos engraved.

As the years progressed, laser engravers became more powerful and intricate shapes could be cut out of the acrylic.  Thicker acrylic awards could also be made.  With the advent of the ability to tint the acrylic colors with foils or in the pouring process, acrylic awards became the ultimate award. Because of the ability to easily cut shapes and to add color graphics (by using "direct to substraight" printers, color transfer technology and even color filled laser engraving), acrylic awards became and still are one of the most versitile and impressive options for custom awards.

When it comes time for you to create your custom awards, please visit our showroom in Mt. Pleasant or take a look at our website ( www.awardsguy.com ) for ideas.  Also, please don't forget that All American Awards also provides crystal awards, custom sculptures, name badges, donor recognition dplaques, bronze plaques, banners, rubber stamps, recognition plaques, trophies, medals, lapel pins and just about anything else you need a name or logo on.